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Dances Through the Years

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Hi all,

A thread in the Main Forum under Vitamin D started a tangent into dances from when we were younger and I thought it would be fun to start a thread here on your memories first dances. So here it goes, LET'S DANCE:



My first dances were actualy roller skating Friday nights at the local schools when I was about 10 years old. They would open the gyms, charge 25 cents to get in, we had our own skates and there would be girl pick boys and boy pick girls skates. Even though I was "the fat girl" I was athletic and could skate fast so this boy, Alex, and I often skated together. We weren't allowed to have boy/girl dances until 8th grade (age 14) and I have pictures of myself dressed for it and remember going out to eat after it but don't remember it so maybe it was horrible. :blink: (Don't tell anyone but I had my first cigarette that night...my venture into being a bad girl :rolleyes: )



In high school, all the girls danced together if they weren't with a boyfriend and the boys without girls stood around the sides. We had formal dances, proms, but I was never invited to one . :( I had started dating the wonderful guy I am married to now and thought about inviting him but he was 5 years older, which didn't please my parents too much, and I figured he wouldn't want to go but he told me years later he would have gone.) We had square dancing in gym (today known as physical education) and it was awful. My partner wrestled in the 98 pound group and I weighed a LOT more than that so it was a horrible pairing. Swing your partner meant he went flying!


I never really learned how to dance with a partner and tend to lead when I do! On the rare occasion I was able to dance with a good male dancer I have been able to follow with minimal stepping on his toes but my era missed out on that art. I am from the bouncing around generation.


Through the years preceding scleroderma I loved to dance and would dance all night long. Tight skin, and exhaustion from scleroderma and renal failure brought those days to an end. I've been to a couple of weddings and my high school reunion and can manage a slow dance or two and a couple minutes of bouncing around before I am gasping for breath.


Interestingly, the last wedding I went to was for a couple in their 20's and the solo guys danced together! I found it interesting, I guess they got tired of standing along the sidelines.


So...there's always chair dancing!





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Hi Miocean,


What a fantastic idea for a topic!!


Apart from the "Paul Jones" my friends and I used to go to dances at a local ballroom (or I suppose it was a large dance hall). It was quite good in as much as you didn't really need anyone to dance with as groups of girls would dance together round their handbags. (Rather the same as your solo guys these days, Miocean! ;) ) My friend and I had a code to 'rescue' each other if we were stuck with an undesirable partner for the last dance, when a lot of them were getting a bit desperate!! :lol: We would catch each others' eyes over the shoulder of the unfortunate chap and mouth the word "H E L P "....very subtle!! :rolleyes: Then as soon as the dance was finished we would rush over to each other and make a quick bolt for the ladies cloakroom! Simple, but effective!! ;)


When I was about fourteen or fifteen I went on holiday with a friend and we stayed at a lovely farm in the West Country. They ran a riding stables from there (things were a lot more relaxed in those days!) and we had a wonderful time. The farmer's daughter took us both to a local dance (I remember she put metal curlers in her hair and kept them in all day, even going out riding with them still in!! :blink: ) The dance was in a small youth club-type place with a huge photo of Prince Charles on the wall (he was much younger then, as was I!! ;) ) and we thought it would be very dull with just a few yokels around. However, we had a wonderful time; danced all evening and met some lovely boys. Unfortunately, as often happens in these small communities, the whole thing descended into a free-for-all punch up amongst a few of the locals, so the dance came to rather a premature end! :wacko:


Like Miocean, I'm usually first on - last off the dance floor, although these days because of the medication I take I'm stone cold sober, whereas preSclero I would probably have been a bit squiffy before I really got going. Still it does mean that I can do the driving so that my husband, who is a little more inhibited than me, can have a few drinks. ;) I also do my Zumba class which is great fun; although I've more or less got the hang of it now I'm still very unco-ordinated and get left behind if I let my concentration wander for a minute!


Here's a dance I can do :emoticons-line-dance: .......The Sclero Happy Dance!!!

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