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Cheerful Carole

Does Anyone Have Sciatica?

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On top of everything else I now have sciatica. I went to see my doctor a few months ago as I was having twinges down my right leg. It wasn't too bad at the time but now it is getting a lot worse. Nearly every time I stand up I get a shooting nerve pain down my leg. Pain killers are out of the question as I am on the maximum dose now for joint pain. Doctor says next step is physiotherapy and a scan.


Anyone with suggestions before I go back to see the doctor.

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Hi Carole,


I'm so sorry to hear that you're suffering with Sciatica. I have experienced this myself so I can really empathise with the extreme discomfort and pain you're having. In my case it did eventually improve although I did take a short course of pain killers to alleviate the worst symptoms and I'm afraid it did necessitate a visit to the doctor.


I've found you a thread on Buttock Pain which I hope will give you more help and advice and as it does appear to be a fairly common (but very unpleasant notwithstanding ;)) problem, I'm sure lots of our members will be able to give you some more suggestions.


Kind regards,

Jo Frowde

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Hi Carole


I have similar issues & am now waiting for Physio after being referred by my general practitioner. I do have disc problems with my lower back so we're fairly certain that's what's causing my leg pain & numbness. I did have CT Mylogram done due to cervical neck issues about 2 years ago & my neurosurgeon then said that I may end up with having to have more surgery on my lower back (I've had 3 discs with spinal cord decompression & nerve root decompression done about 16 months ago), I am wondering if this is the start of more deterioration to my spine so hoping that having physio to strengthen my back will help but I'm still waiting for an appointment.


Hope yours starts to resolve itself soon since it is so painful & hard to deal with.



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Hello Carole


Count me in on sciatica! I was diagnosed with it about age 20 and my first bout had me off work for 2 weeks during which I could lie down or crawl around the house on my hands and knees, I could not sit or stand. Physiotherapy and exercises helped, the problem I have now is that I can't properly do the exercises!


I have had sciatica again now for about 3 months and it drives me mad. I find that sleeping on a hot water bottle helps greatly as does heat ointment (you know the one the smells of menthol) and is far better than heat patches. I suggest you invest in hot water bottles, the ointment and the patches for the daytime. The heat really helps but as more of a distraction that actual pain relief, I find my mind concentrating on the heat rather than the electric shock type pain that I even get as far down as my ankles.


I have a dear friend with scleroderma and she has also recently developed sciatica and it's driving her nuts as well!


Take care.

Amanda Thorpe

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