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Hospital Appointment Coming Up

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my next hospital appointment is tomorrow! Its a connective tissue clinic, with all my doctors plus others attending, so there should be a few answers ti treatment, etc. unlike last time!

i'll post here again tomorrow.

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I had the appointment today. There was 2 dermatologists, one rheumatologist and then another administrative doctor.. not too sure why he was there..

So no bad news. One good thing, i don't have another appointment until next year! Unless they give me a physio appointment.

I mentioned my hands being sore and cold. the only reason they could explain was that my bones are very flexible (like my thumb and fingers can bend back a good bit) so they'l probably send me to an occupational therapist who will help me with holding pens and things like that. They just said that the muscles and joints work more when the fingers are more flexible.

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