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Hyperbaric Treatments?

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Guest Sherrill

Hello John,

Welcome to the Forum! I moved this post from the sub forum on "How to Register, Login and Post messages", to the main Sclero Forum where you will find messages discussing scleroderma and its problems.

About Hyperbaric Treatments............ On the ISN website, http://www.sclero.org/ which this forum belongs to, you will find a link to an item about treating scleroderma wounds with hyperbaric therapy:
Digital Ulcer Treatments

Maybe someone who has tried this may chime in when they read your message.

Please come here often, you will be very welcome!

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Hi John,

Welcome to the forum! Now that we have started the new forum and people have joined here with different screen names it is difficukt to know who is who. But on the other board a while back someone did mention this and I don't remember who it was so hopefully they will jump in to give you some info. For all I know, the other person could be you!



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Hi John,
Welcome to the board! We're thrilled you are here. I think you will find this new forum exciting and of course, the members are all wonderful people.

Sherrill provided you with a great link on the wound healing ability of hyperbaric, but I remembered a story a while back that we ran. It was a news story about a young women with scleroderma whose friends bought her a hyperbaric chamber and she uses it to "increase her oxygen intake, improved blood flow to her capillaries and relieved her symptoms." Apparently, it was her most effective treatment. Unfortunately, I checked the article and it has gone to a "registration required" site. So if you're interested, search for The Aspen Times, June 28, 2006 edition. The name of the articles was called "A Little Help From My Friends".

Big Hugs,

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