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this may seem like a silly question but where are everyone's photos? Do we have a gallery with this new site that we can upload photos on?



Diagnosed 2006 - Diffuse Scleroderma

Skin and lung involvement

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Hi Megan,


Yes, we do have a photo gallery on the forums. At the top (in the purple) you will see "Blogs" "Gallery" "Members" "Search Forum".... If you click on "Gallery" it will take you to the photo gallery and you can view what is there by clicking on "Member's Gallery". If you want to create your own photo gallery, go to the top line in the yellow and click on "My Controls". Once there, in the left column, 3rd section down you will see "Invision Gallery" and "Your album". By clicking on "Your album" you will see the directions for creating your own.


I hope this helps and we see your pictures soon!


Warm wishes,


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