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Hi everyone,


Well how are we all ? Me?..........Well, still alive here . :emoticons-yes: :yes:

Still able to do quite a lot of things so I do them and I like to be independent.

Never mind the husband haha .

I like wizzing about and if I was rich you would't see me as I'd be off touring somewhere on my own.

But I can't afford it, so have to stay here ..but I'd rather be visiting somewhere.


I am amazed how much I can do still and push myself . :you-rock:


So what are you all up to now..... as mad as me ?


Christine :emoticons-clap:

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Hi Christine,


It sounds as if you're doing quite well at the moment and I'm really glad to hear that.


If you are able to travel anywhere, do post and tell us about it even if it's no more exotic than your local town! ;))


Kind regards,

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Hi Chockers


Yes, I'm definitely signed up for the mad team.


Have recently been away for 4 nights on a Saga Summer Gardens of Dorset tour, which, despite my preconceptions, turned out to be fun. Nice hotel, good food, a lot of laughs and lovely gardens - just what I needed to recharge the batteries and I also wasn't made to feel that I was holding everyone back, which was a pleasant bonus. as my mobility is not very good.



Just goes to show what you can do if you push yourself. There's life in the old bird yet despite Scleroderma, Sjogrens osteoarthritis and joint pain. :emoticons-yes: :emoticons-line-dance:



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Hi Christine,


What all parts of Canada did you see?  I had a lot of family in Canada.  It is a lovely country, isn't it?  One of my uncles was a Royal Canadian Mounted Police so he was my favorite uncle to visit, as he would take us through the police department, and let us see how fingerprints were made and show us the mug shot collections.


My favorite city there is Toronto.  Miocean had some fabulous shots of Niagara Falls recently! 


It's great to go exploring, isn't it?  Anyone who's traveled lately, even in the last few years, this is a great thread to regale us with your travels, and remember to post photos in the photo gallery here as well!



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Hi Everybody!!!


We don't do the traveling so much any more but when we were in better health, Canada definiteley was a favorite of ours! Because of where we are, we have been to Calgary, Banff and Victoria THOROUGHLY loving it, the 3 times we've been!!! ;) We were fortunate enough to be able to visit the Buchart Gardens both during the day AND night, which I highly recommend to any/all of you who are able to travel there; Absoluteley GORGEOUS and totally unbelievable that they could possibly be the same garden!!! One cannot POSSIBLY ever be disappointed while visiting the garden!

So, Christine, I'm SO pleased you were able to visit Canada!

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Glad to hear that everything is going so well for you and that you are managing to get in some travelling which makes me very jealous at the moment because my big trip to New Zealand had to be cancelled due to having to have a large growth removed and all of the right side of my large colon!


Any way we aim to do the trip next year so long as I can get holiday insurance!



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Hi Buttons,


I live in Auckland!!!   If you do manage to get here I would love to meet you for a coffee somewhere.   Do you have somebody else to meet up with here or are you coming just for the experience?



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