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Hello All


So we found out yesterday that our lovely daughter in law is pregnant again. I think it is perfect timing for them and my current granddaughter, she could do with a sibling.


My youngest stepson and daughter in law are amazing parents and another child will just be perfect for them. Some people are natural parents and they are for sure!


I just hope we get to see more of all of them!


Take care.

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Oh, what wonderful news for you and Michael, Amanda!! :emoticon-congratulations:


I'm so pleased for you and hope that you'll both enjoy many happy years with both grandchildren.


:emoticons-line-dance: :emoticons-line-dance:


Best wishes,

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What lovely news Amanda, grandies can be so rewarding.


We have only 3, all girls and half-sisters, the eldest is almost 20 going on 30 and way past boring things like parents and grandparents, the next one is here with us tonight and she is an absolute delight.


The youngest gets her turn here tomorrow night, the last possibility before school starts again on Monday, IF she can behave herself between now and then. It never ceases to amaze me that although they all look so alike (like their dad) they are SO very different in personality. In fact on their own the oldest and youngest can be lovely if they choose to be but the middle one is always so amenable and interested in everything we do that she is almost unbelievable.


We moved into our new house last Friday and so this visit has been keenly anticipated. We now live just 40 minutes away from each other, and each family is just 20 minutes from the nearest town and so we met at a cafe in town today to do the swap and will probably do the same tomorrow - all very exciting.


We still have our apartment in the city where we stay a night or two each week and which is our base when I have hospital stays or specialist appointments, but our home at the beach is always the favourite. Reading Jo's story about the flooding in England makes me all the more appreciative of the lovely winter we are having, colder than average but lots of sunny days with no wind - just great.


Our hearts go out to you all in that other hemisphere and can only hope that the weather will settle for you before winter starts again.



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