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Hi Anne,

I was sure I had replied to you after your visit to the Colorectal man but I must have been dreaming or else didn't click on Post when I had finished. However, my suggestion to you is to definitely get another opinion. I had to do that when I was dismissed as being a hopeless case!!


If you google Sacral Nerve Stimulation and then look for Australian links I am sure you will find a list of Surgeons who are treating Incontinence in this way and you could possibly talk to one of them. I found the list and was contemplating a holiday in Brisbane when I happened upon a Doctor here in Auckland who is the local expert. My implant is still a work in progress but he is still hopeful of an improvement for me. In fact, I do think I am a little bit better and am much more confident about venturing out now.


One of the best bits of advice I got a few years ago was to take a stool softening preparation, that prevents me having uncontrollable diarrhoea. It is available here on prescription or over the counter. If you want any more information you could PM me.


Best of luck


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