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Gastroscopy, have to stop medication 10 days before?

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Hi Bobby,


It's great to hear from you again. We are waiting for your 5,000 word essay. It is due tomorrow, as we are tough taskmasters here. However, we will give you a passing grade even if you don't come through with 5,000 words. :D


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Hello Bobby


Great to hear from you again! Have you tried omeprazole for the reflux? That type of drug, known as a proton pump inhibitor or PPI (I have no idea why!), is common among us sclerodermians and works well for many of us. I am now back on the plaquenil and omeprazole so far the reflux isn't worse but maybe it's building up! Something to look forward to eh?


Very briefly, I had the gastroscopy and colonoscopy, went out like a light and had no recollection of anything when I woke up. However it was kind of a total waste of time, although everything is "normal" as in no cancer, Crohn's, colitis, but when I asked the doctor (who turned up late and had the lovely receptionist apologise for him) what the scleroderma had done to my gut his reply was..."You can't see it (namely scleroderma) with a camera"... Needless to say I was speechless.


He then told me I had a small hiatus hernia and gave me a letter saying my upper GI tract was normal? There's no mention of the hernia on the report, so I guess I just tell the Royal Free the result? Anyone else reading this and thinking how ridiculous, unprofessional and so forth? I am going to have to contact the centre and get the report to reflect what the doctor said!


They also took biopsies and they have come back normal but I didn't expect anything else, neither did I suspect cancer, Chron's etc, I wanted to know what the scleroderma had done, if anything, and I have no idea because, you can't see it with a camera so all of you who have had or are going to have either procedure remember this fact, you can't see scleroderma with a camera. Right.


Take care.

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Hi Amanda,


I'm pleased to hear that your 'oscopies' went without a hitch; apart from the doctor's comment being worse than useless and not very helpful!! Surely the camera might have shown some thickening of the gut lining, otherwise there doesn't seem much point in your having to go all through the procedures? Perhaps the hiatus hernia could be contributing to the reflux and heartburn you're experiencing?


I'm glad, anyway, that the procedure is behind you, even if you do have to chase the centre up for the relevant details to send to The Royal Free.


Best wishes,

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Interesting Amanda, I have often wondered why, considering the frequency of colonoscopies I had prior to 2003, nobody suspected Sclero!! I thought that surely they would have been able to see it and although I had an oesophagael stricture stretched in about 1996 still nobody suggested any reason except reflux.


Actually, to be truthful, I always suspected that the doctors who were looking simply didn't understand what they were seeing but maybe not.


The hiatus hernia they can see and I have one of those. Like you I am surprised when a report comes back "normal" when it can't possibly be.


It really would be helpful to be able to see what the Sclero has done to your bowel, and from my memory when I was asking that specific question the response was an MRI which did show the damage so maybe that is the answer.


Best wishes


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