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Does anyone else have a problem with rashes from underwear? My skin has become increasingly sensitive and doesn't handle anything like latex or nylon well at all. A number of years ago, I started to break out in horrible circular red rashes when I moved to a warmer climate and my doctor told me to avoid nylon stockings and wear only cotton underwear. That's served me well until now.


I have a bumpy rash all around where the leg hole elastic touches my skin. I put medicated powder on it but it sometimes hurts a bit. I'm not sure what to do about this -- I need to wear underwear, lol ! I guess I need to start seeing a dermatologist. My new rheumatologist was surprised I don't have one but the one I was sent to was awful. In fact, I never even met him! His nurse practitioner did all of the medical stuff because he wanted to focus on cosmetic procedures! She even did my skin biopsies! Anyhow, maybe I need to find a good one who knows something about autoimmune diseases.

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Hi Julie,


I expect that the recent hot weather you've been experiencing hasn't helped with your rash and it does sound very irritating and uncomfortable.


I would definately suggest that you try and consult a dermatologist; perhaps your new rheumatologist can refer you to one that she recommends?


The only thing I could suggest to help with the bumpy rash on the tops of your legs is to make sure that your underwear is very loose and that the elastic isn't tight against your skin. I always wear cotton, not nylon, as you've stated, particularly if the weather is hot and humid, as it very often can be in the UK.


I expect we will have other members who can give you some helpful advice as well.


Kind regards,

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Hello Julia


Have you tried french knickers because they don't have elasticated legs, the legs are open, like shorts? Other than that, a dermatologist for sure!


Remember that cotton is the best fabric to minimise sweat and sweat causes, or can cause irritation.


Take care.

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Hi Julia,


That sure is an interesting question. :emoticon-dont-know:


As it happens, many ordinary (otherwise healthy) people can't tolerate elastic or latex, either, so there are online businesses that specialize in selling underwear that is latex-free and elastic-free and all of pure, soft (even organic) cotton. But I am far more intrigued by Amanda's suggestion, as I've never heard of french knickers until now.


That said, for autoimmune issues that involve interesting skin phenomenon, like scleroderma skin tightness, you will probably want to seek out a dermatologist who isn't into cosmetic procedures or doesn't specialize only in skin cancer, etc. Your scleroderma expert should be able to refer you to a good one. Usually they are pretty hard to find, nowadays, and often they are associated with major medical university hospitals in some capacity.



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Hello Shelley


You've lead a sheltered life! French knickers are designed to be sexy little numbers, usually is satin or silk, accompanied by a camisole top in matching fabric. They're perfect to wear with suspender belts and stockings...so I'm told!


Take care.

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lol Ladies! I'm getting a true education here!

Amanda, I had NO idea what french knickers were! lol


Since the onset of Sclero, I've worn cotton panties, for the above named reasons; Another issue I have is profuse perspiration (also known as SWEATING ;) LOL ),which is another reason I wear cotton bloomers, as opposed to the french knickers of days gone by for THIS gal!

As was mentioned, the hot temperatures definitely don't help our already difficult issues, but winter will soon be here, so I'm trying not to complain too loudly!

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Ha Susie! Are you trying to tell us you wear granny pants? My sister until she became a Mrs again and Ma still does. Not only are the offening items cotton but they come all the way up, nearly to the waist! NO! Underwear must be cotton but it can still be pleasing to the eye.


For the sweating issue, have you tried panty liners? You can change them as often as you like and they help keep underwear fresh. You can get scented ones but they may cause irritation?


Take care lovely lady.

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Thanks, Judith!


I've heard of "French knickers" before, but never described as "tap pants"? :emoticon-dont-know:


It's amazing what I've learned from these forums!! :o


(Mind you, I think I must have had quite a sheltered upbringing!!) ;) :lol:

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LOL, this has turned into a fun conversation! I'm familiar with the term "knickers" because of my English friends. When they came to visit, Nicky was afraid she didn't pack enough underwear so we went to a store to buy some. She really liked a particular brand so the next time I went to England and asked if I could bring her anything, she said the "little knickers with the strappy bits." LOL


Anyhoo, the "French knickers" sound like just the thing! I'm actually wearing small pajama shorts now and they're so comfortable but they're too thick to wear underneath clothes, especially the light, thin clothes I wear in our Texas heat. I just might wait until I come to England and Europe and buy them there. They might be less expensive than here if they're popular.

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Hi Julia and all you lovely ladies :emoticons-line-dance: well, I've had a a giggle! But on a serious note I see a really lovely dermatologist he's quite dishy (handsome too!) but he's really nice to talk with and has been helpful to me. I've had a periodical carry on with sore rash patches in my groins and at the back of my bra on my back; I thought it was the patch of telangiectasia irritating and making it sore on my back...the verdict was ....washing liquid/powders and fabric conditioners!!! He stated that the chemicals in both 'sit' in the fabrics and when we get warm and moist at knicker leg holes and the like these chemicals can react with skin even if you are healthy, but, our skin is bonkers [his term lol] so he said to ....


A) save all my underwear up and wash them in a organic, no scents additive free wash liquid /powder and don't go mad in the amount I put in!

B) set the washer to do an extra rinse programme, to make sure it's all washed out.

C) buy a good barrier cream and apply it to my groins every morning after my shower regardless to form a barrier between the pant leg and me to avoid rubbing and getting sore and use a pantie liner and change frequently to stay fresh and dry, and if it does flare up its probably fungal as it's a 'warm moist' place and to use a antifungal cream that will clear it up in 24/48hrs


He also said because of the immune suppressant drugs (prednisolone etc which I take) leaves us more susceptible to these issues ie candida and just to take as much care as I can, and not to feel that I'm dirty or whatever my mind tells me I am ..just to treat it if it needs treating and to prevent it if I can!!


Hope this helps and thanks for raising the topic as I'm sure all women sick or well have these issues from time to time...ahhh to be a woman eh!!




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I have found that because of the calcinosis on my buttocks, right at my underwear line, that certain things really bother me.


Like my bathing suit bottom from last year since I've gained some weight ! :) The new one is much more comfortable.


Help, I think my underwear is shrinking. :lol:



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