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Hi Everyone,

Does anyone had or have problems with tight painful stiff Achilles Tendons? Mine have been a problem now going on 4 months especially first thing in the morning getting out of bed and after sitting down for awhile. I have also noticed the past few days that when I walk they start to click.

My other problem is very hot tingling/burning feet I only notice this at night time and it often can keep me awake at night.

Many thanks


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My feet are pretty stiff too. I have to stretch them just like everything else. My ankles crack a lot. My achilles don't get too tight though.


I used to have problems with hot, burning, tingling feet too but that has long since gone.


I don't know what to recommend to help you. Maybe a cool soak with epsom salts before bed?


Take Care,


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I have problems with my feeet too. At night I rubbed them with the other foot. It feels so good. When I was in my twenties my feet would feel like it was buring and I would have to take my shoes off. I can remeber one time I couldn't get my shoe untied quick enough so I had cut the shoe lace. Eventually it went away. What bothers me now is when I am standing too long, I have no padding on the ball of my foot, plus I have no arches so I wear arch supports. Sorry you are having a time with your feet. I hope it gets better soon. Sam

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Hello, I have been experiencing massive amounts of pain in my feet!!

I sit there and try to locate the precise spot where the pain is, and while I am flexing my feet or walking I notice my achilles tendons are really tight.

I have too much weight on but I am sure it is only part of the reason.


I have crest scleroderma, osteoarthritis, raynauds even involving my tongue, rheumatoid arthritis, and the rheumatologist has just said I have fibromyalgia, which I am not so certain of as thyroid problems have not been ruled out and I have polycystic ovaries. Just for good measure I also have a haemanginoma on my liver and my eyesight is fading rapidly.


Anyway back to my ankle. It has been hurting for three months and the doctors keep brushing it of. I can hardly walk down stairs, the pain is horrendous at night time.


Accupuncture helped. Yesterday I had a type of physical therapy, using a technique which rolls the muscles to help them release tension, and when he worked on my lower back, the pain in my ankle was horrible, like a knife.


After the therapist told me to relax and go with the pain it was fine.


Most suprisingly when I was home the pain was gone. So My theory is it is helped by the lower back being in good shape.


I am going for x-rays this week finnaly.


Best wishes

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