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Hi all,

I now officially have the title of ISN Artist in my signature. :emoticons-line-dance: I have created artwork for the ISN's use and it can be found on some pages now. Here is one: a merry-go-round at a famous boardwalk here at the Jersey Shore.


I am learning as I go as far as the sizing for the web goes and feel this is a better fit for me than the Newsletter, something I tried to do for a while but I am just not an HTML person. :glare: We right brained people just don't like to follow rules.


I hope that I will be able to do more for all of you as time goes on.



I also have been asked to be a Forum Leader on a transplant forum I started using after my kidney transplant. I lurked there for a while until I was certain it was as professional as this one before joining and posting. When I received the request I was reluctant as far as the duties and inquisitive as to why I was asked. I found out I basically have no duties :yes: unlike the moderators on this forum, but was asked because I "show so much kindness and compassion."


I have all of you to thank for this. This forum was my first, and for many years only, venture into the internet. You have taught me the kindness and compassion. And the short time I tried to do the Newsletter I learned from Shelley to Attribute, Attribute, Attribute. Therefore, whenever I can I add links to places within that forum or to highly regarded websites. You are indirectly helping a lot of other people dealing with other chronic illnesses that have caused renal failure.





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Oh Miocean, what a lovely illustration!!


I'm sure you'll be a fantastic Forum Leader on your transplant forum and your kidney transplant experience will be invaluable to others who are perhaps having to go through the procedure and are wanting some first hand help and advice. You've always given such kind and useful counsel to our members and I know that your wise words will be appreciated.


Kind regards,

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