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I hate eating in public!

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The skin tightening around my lips is really annoying. I find I feel incredibly self-conscious whenever I eat with people, because it's like my mouth doesn't have the strength to keep the food in or something, and I feel like I'm eating in a strange way to make sure I don't spit at everyone. Same thing if I'm talking and smiling at the same time. It's like I'm about to spit at them. Which is kind of funny, seeing as how I also have Sjogren's and a dry mouth. But I guess I have enough spit left to be embarassing.

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Hi Amberjolie,


Oh dear, it does sound rather awkward, particularly if you're having a problem keeping the food in your mouth whilst eating. Fortunately, I only have very little skin involvement and it hasn't affected the size of my mouth (some people [my husband, for instance] would say that's a pity......it might keep me quiet! ;) ) Nor does it inhibit my appetite (mind you, nothing does that! :lol: ) I suppose the only good thing is that it would mean I'd have to eat more slowly. :P


I do have a habit of speaking very fast (ask Susie!) as sometimes my brain is running quicker than I can talk, which means it's easy to spit without meaning to, if not very careful! :unsure:


Very embarrassing!! ;) :blush:

Jo Frowde

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Hi Amberjolie,

I can relate to that! I have learned to ask for lots of napkins, and in a restaurant that has cloth ones I always ask for more paper ones. I am just a mess. Between not being able to open my mouth far enough to bite into a sandwich and hands that drop things everywhere I look like a toddler just sat there when I get up to leave. Even though my doctor says my mouth has returned to normal size and my skin has softened I still have problems. I have learned to order things I know I can manage or cut, and just tell people I'm a pig.


Amazingly, my husband is the neatest eater and doesn't even really need a napkin.



ISN Artist

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