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I saw that you just posted your first message on another thread and wanted to take a minute to officially welcome you to the forums! I am glad you have found us but sorry it is because of your recent diagnosis of scleroderma. You said that you didn't know much about this disease or what to expect or look for. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to read too much and get too much information because you then start to think all the "worst case scenarios" will apply to you. Keeping that in mind, I do want to give you some links from our Sclero A to Z website that will give you lots of great information. You might want to start by looking at our main medical page and then you may want to look specifically at the information on Crest. I hope this information is helpful.


Again, welcome!


Warm wishes,


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Hi SF! I too saw your posting & would like to welcome you. I'm fairly new to this forum, and everyone here is soooo helpful & supportive. It's the best! They've answered alot of questions for me. I believe I also have CREST and am just begininning to find out about it myself.


Good luck to you!


Nancy K.

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