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I Am At A Loss...very Confused

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I am so confused now......and everytime I call someone at SSI I get a different answer from a different representative. It is very frustrating.


All I know is that I am getting my medicaid taken away from me at the end of this month. I am very very sad. The whole reason I signed up for disability is to help cover my RX's AND to pay for my 'never ending' doctor visits. (don't get me wrong - I need the money too - but my Health is overall the most important to me)


Now here is my story.....For the last 5 months I have had Medicaid and SSI (450.00-Supplemental). They are discontinuing my Medicaid now because they said that my Disability of 840.00 is too much income to receive Supplemental. April 3rd will be my first payment of 840.00. I was told that you can NOT have Medicaid unlesss you have supplemental. (and of course Medicare doesn't kick in for 2 years) So I am just wondering if any of you get Medicaid and Disability at the same time? If so, PLEASE let me know because I am at a loss here and I don't know what I am going to do.


Thank goodness I have my GI and rheumatologist visit set up THIS month before my Medicaid is discontinued - but that still doesn't help me in the future.


Oh and I was also wondering how I should go about handling my GI appt. this Tuesday 3/20/07? It is my initial visit as a consultation - so I'm not sure if any tests will even be ran that day. I was thinking that it seems you have to be 'fasting' for some of the scope procedures anyway? I really need to get as many tests done that I can during this visit but I'm not sure how or what tests I could suggest since it is usually up to the doctor to initiate them? I really need some advice here........please help. Should I call the receptionist and try to explain all this to her? Not sure how much a receptionist can do though....


Thanks for any suggestions,


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Hi Sakar,


I am sorry you are having all of this confusion and frustration. I can't help you sort out the SSI and medicaid issues, but I did want to tell you that it is highly unlikely that you will have any tests at your GI appointment. Instead, it is likely a consultation and based on what you tell the doctor, he will then order the tests he thinks will give him the information he needs. I really don't think there is anyway around it and I don't think talking to the receptionist will do any good. It would be very rare for a doctor to order any of those tests without meeting you and talking with you regarding all of your symptoms first.


Warm wishes,


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Hi Sakar,


It varies a lot from state to state, but usually its rigged so that people who receive SSDIB are not eligible for Medicaid. I think the idea is that it pays so much more than SSI that you can thus afford to buy your own health insurance. Also, some states (including Texas) have a "health insurance risk pool" offering (paid) coverage to people who are uninsurable.


You may want to call them again and talk to another worker or a supervisor, though, and see if there is any way you could still qualify for Medicaid. You might be just a few dollars off. For example, they might not allow someone who had $3,000 in savings, but would allow someone who had $2,999 in savings. So spend the $1 down at the thrift store, and voila, you have qualified.


I know someone who actually took a cruise to the Bahamas to spend down their excess assets quickly, to qualify for Medicaid! Frankly, I would think of that as cheating, since of course they could have paid insurance premiums for a year or more with the same money.


So I'd frown on a move like that (much as I'm sure a cruise to the Bahamas would be wonderful)...but it may be as simple as you owning a car that is "too new" or "too expensive", in which case you might modify your transportation choice, if that's all it takes to get your coverage back. But, if you do have excess assets of any sort (in the thinking of Medicaid)...why not use them to buy insurance coverage? It's certainly what you would need most right now.


And if you don't have excess assets, find out exactly what it takes to qualify, to see if there is any chance you might be able to make yourself eligible.

Warm Hugs,


Shelley Ensz

Founder and President

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

Hotline and Donations: 1-800-564-7099


The most important thing in the world to know about scleroderma is sclero.org.

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