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What is your New Years Resolution?

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I'm interested to hear your thoughts about New Years Resolutions. Do you make resolutions? Do you find they help you? Are you able to abide by them throughout the year? If you make them, what are you thinking of resolving for 2013?


I'll start by saying that I like to make New Years Resolutions that have a pretty good chance of sticking. So I avoid the usual topics, like changing a bad habit, simply because I've found it takes an awful lot more than just resolve to tackle most bad habits.


A few years ago, I landed on one that actually worked for me and that I found to be a beneficial time saver throughout the year. I resolved to not participate in surveys, unless I find them to be critically important.


Since the dawn of the internet, its amazing how many surveys we can be subjected to, especially as we are often asked to rate every seller. Very occasionally we are solicited for what I'd categorize as "critically important", such as follow-up surveys for my husband's lung transplant.


Prior to this resolution, I always felt a little guilty whenever I refused a survey request. Since the resolution, I find I'm very proud of myself for passing on it and mentally chalk up some self-praise.


Yes, I know it's rather lame in the big scale of more important life issues! But at least I have an answer when someone asks me if I've made my New Year's Resolution yet, and this one is easily recycled from one year to the next, which racks up points for simplifying life, which is always at the top of my To Do list.

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Yes mio, I would have to agree with that. In spite of everything, if we can be kind at all times the world must seem a better place.


My wish for you all is for 2013 to be kind to you all.


Best wishes


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That's a really good resolution, Miocean!


I must admit that nowadays I don't usually make resolutions......much too depressing if I'm constantly breaking them! ;)


I think if I did make one it would be to try to be as positive and cheerful as possible (I've found out that nobody wants to talk to a complete misery! ;) ) and hopefully carry on helping as many of our members on Sclero Forums as I can!!!


A Happy and Healthy 2013 to you all!!



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Miocean, I totally agree about the losing weight one, I've made a resolution in the past & always failed to manage it so I prefer not to make one anymore. Saying that last year I did in my own mind want to lose some weight but having failed before just told myself quietly that I needed to have just smaller portions of food & guess what I have lost 1 stone & 12 pounds!!! (Having my daughters wedding this year did help though)


So no resolution again for me but just hope to continue in the same way.


Wishing everyone a Very Happy 2013!

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Surveys to see why you're leaving. Really? Not the right time to ask anything, when someone is leaving, you do that before so they don't leave, not after they have! I feel better now. :VeryHappy:


Resolutions are generally bunkum, in my opinion. During the holidays we spend time eating, having fun, being with our families and friends, not thinking about work, sleeping in, taking it easy etc, etc. When the holidays end we instantly become guilt ridden and we punish ourselves with resolves to stop pleasurable behaviours. Why? Unless you have been drinking alcohol to excess or eating your way to morbid obesity in 2 weeks it's unlikely you need to resolve to stop doing anything you did during the holiday time, more like the other way round, spend more time with family and friends, enjoy food, have fun, forget work, relax... :bye:


Take care.

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