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Major Depression - How to Cope?

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Thank you, Barefut, for the nice comment/support. I look over the fence to your side, though, and see how blessed your kids are for what you're going through and raising them by yourself. Give yourself a hug and pat on the back, Lady!!!


Hugs for everyone......... :emoticons-group-hug:



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Hello All


From my own experience I consider hypnosis and self hypnosis to be unhelpful and a waste of time. I am an advocate of counselling, if done properly it can be life changing and I would recommend it to anyone.


Music provides my means of escape, I plug in and cop out. I also find listening to the radio helpful provided it's not the news or current affairs, I try to avoid all that like the plague. I still know what's going on, don't get me wrong, but I am not disturbed by the constant barbs aimed at people on benefit, something encouraged by the current government, so they can slash the welfare bill without complaint. Anyways, I love my music and radio time, I just wish I could stay awake longer to have more time to enjoy it!


Live in the day, if you are feeling low you're prone to be overwhelmed so stay in the day, don't think about tomorrow until you're in it, each day has enough trouble of it's own without borrowing more from tomorrow. Also I am all about the treats! Treat yourself, whether something big and shiny or small and tasty, enjoy!


Take care.

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