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Day 3 of this disabling pain the lower regions. I am now straighter then the proverbial Mountain Ape but still I let out a grimacing moan when sitting.


No fun this new addition to the list. In fact the old car has less wrong with it than I do - I wish my condition was just an oil change and a new tyre - Fully curable!


A ride out in the car yesterday did nothing for the pain. We stopped and I rolled out of the car like I was rolling into the sea from a boat, may as well have been. The weather was wild and very uninviting to someone with Raynauds. I watched as people clung onto umbrellas which dragged them along and occasionally turned inside out. We were at the seaside!


The sea raged and whipped up froth and huge waves which leapt over the sea wall. The front was deserted and the hotel signs swung violently, I think you get the picture?


Anyhow, I was out of the car in a force 10, being blown along to a shop which sells just about everything you never needed but buy anyway because it could be a good idea. I ask what is the point of a sweeping brush with no handle or a mop with no bucket a tin of biscuits you'll never eat and microwaveable dinners that the dog would heave at! Not to mention a collapsible stool and a spray that quite frankly stunk to freshen your home.


My eyes were attracted to a stand which had hand warmers and a self adhesive heat pad for less than a pound (99 pence)


"Get one for your back" My husband was already reaching for the packs. So in the basket it went.


We stopped off at a warm and welcoming pub. By this time I was stiff and very unhappy. The fire was warm and very inviting and best of all the toilets were right next to the bar.

I took my little 99 pence packet of heat into the cubicle and placed it on my back. It stuck firm and I was quite pleased that it wasn't going to fall out on the floor right in front of a party of people eating pudding but I held my hand on it just in case.


It must have been 20 minutes or so before the heat began to filter through and the relief could be seen on my face. The pain diminished almost instantly.

Outside the rain was smoking and crashing against the window. I could have stayed by the fire all day.


Today the pain is minimal. I still feel bent and un-shapen but it's definitely on the retreat.

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Hi Babs,


Oh, what a really horrible pain sciatica is!! I have had the occasional problem with it, so can really sympathise with you.


Thank goodness you found such a natty little heat pad to give you some relief.......worth every penny of 99 pence!! ;)


Kind regards,

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Hi there Babs,


           Just wanted to let you know you are not alone with this pain from sciatica; back in 1996 I was in my car when I got struck by a delivery truck; they asked if I needed to go to the hospital, but my car only had a large dent in in so I thought :emoticon-dont-know:  "well, I'm not hurt so bad". Needless to say, I walked away from the accident and I went to get back into my car to drive home and I felt like I was dragging a ball and chain behind me (so much pain.) I had therapy for 4 months back then and I still suffer from sciatica along with my pelvis being out of place. Definitely not fun!!  :emoticon-hug:  :emoticon-hug: Hope you're feeling better!!

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Hi NorthStarHope,


What a nasty accident! It's very fortunate that you weren't hurt more; although that sounds bad enough!!  :(


I think sometimes you don't realise at the time how much you've hurt yourself; I remember going with two inexperienced riders to look at a horse with a view to buying it. I rode it first and all went well until I asked it to canter; it promptly leapt in the air and bucked and the next thing I knew I was lying on the deck with the horse's owner leaning over me saying "Oh, he's never done that before!!" :rolleyes: The ground was very hard and I was extremely embarrassed but scrambled up and as I didn't appear to have broken anything we caught the horse (needless to say they didn't buy it! ;) ) I got into my car and by the time I'd driven home everything had stiffened up; I could hardly move at all and my husband had to almost winch me out of the car!! The next day I was in excruciating pain everywhere!


Note to self........when riding strange horses, let the owner get on it first!! ;) :lol:

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Hello Babs


I just read your post and having seen the title of it I immediately thought I must tell you to put heat on it. I have had sciatica since around the age of 20 with my first attack disabling me for 2 weeks, keeping me off work for that time during which I crawled wround the house on my hands and knees. I could crawl or lie flat but sitting was an absolute no-no!


Also try heat ointments with the heat pads or a hot water bottle, during my last attack I had to apply (or rather my husband) the ointment and then slept on a hot water bottle.


Eventually the attack goes away on its own, I did once have physiotherapy but didn't notice any real change.


Take care

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