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In an advice column the other day, someone was complaining because they felt so lonely and left out by Valentine's Day, because they do not currently have a partner.


It struck me as being very odd, because I've never thought of Valentine's Day as being only for couples.  Rather I've thought of it as a day that points to the importance of love in our lives.  And love is so universal and generic that surely, everybody can find something to love, right?


Well, apparently, wrong, if we limit ourselves to only thinking of love in terms of romantic partner/couple sort of love.  But why do that, since it could easily make us sad!  Plus there are so many different types and forms of love, why should we limit ourselves?  Love of country, nature, mankind, friends, animals, relatives, music, art, food, hobbies -- why, it has to be nearly impossible for a day to go by without loving something, even if it is just the beautiful scenery.

One of my special loves is of course all of our wonderful companions on our sclero journey.  I want you -- yes YOU! -- to know that you are loved, and to know that we all wish you a Happy Valentine's Day full of puppy kisses and moonlit nights.  This Special Valentines Day e-Card is for YOU.

Share the love -- on sclero.org, on Valentine's Day and always!

:wub: :happy-day: :wub:



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