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Cushing's Syndrome

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Been reading alot on Cushing's and was wondering if any of you would share your symptoms/stories with me. Would like more info to help me with my situation. I am so tired all the time but heart, lungs and blood are all good. it seems to be getting worse and I am concerned and looking for answers.




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Hi Sue,



I am wondering if you mean Cushing's Disease brought on by a tumor or Cushing's symptoms brought on by Steroids?


I was actually tested for Cushing's disease about 9 years ago and had a positive 24hr Urine test (quite high acutally) but my Dex test was normal so they said that I was fine and didn't need to test any further even though at the time I had a few symptoms of cushings.........hirsutis, purple straie and high bloodpressure and fatigue.


I didn't know that if you have one positive test you should really be investigated further, so now I am going to do that once I get off prednisone........which is another whole problem in itself as Prednisone can give you Cushingnoid features... hirusitis, purple straie, high BP, buffalo hump at the back of your neck, weight gain in your upper body, fatigue, moon face.....etc, but you have probably read up on that.


I developed pretty much ALL of those symptoms over the last few years BEFORE I went on the Prednisone, so I know that my symptoms are not from the steroids, and it was only when looking through my medical file last week that I saw my old urine test, and told my current general practitioner who freaked out and is now wanting me off the Prednisone so she can retest me for Cushings.


Of course I have only been on it for a week now and it has pushed my BP up 160/100, so that is another reason to come off it........sorry getting off the beaten track here.



Of course I have other symptoms that relate to Sclero, although I am not diagnosed yet, but I am not sure of what situation you are in, so if you have any questions just ask me, I'm not shy!!!


I don't know if I have been helpful at all, I hope I have, but I am willing to share any info I have.




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