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6 Yrs Old, Rough Skin, Scleroderma?

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Hi all

I am new here. It looks like I have some form of scleroderma with lung involvement, but I won't have definitive diagnoses until next week. I am not going to worry about it until then. But, meanwhile, I am concerned about my fair-haired, six-year-old granddaughter who has noticeably dry,rough skin, particularly on her elbows and heels. I am terrified about the possibility of this being a sign of scleroderma. Am I overreacting?

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Hi Aunt Turtle,


I'm sorry you have a pending diagnosis of scleroderma with lung involvement.


Thankfully, I have excellent news regarding your granddaughter (at least), which is that dry skin on the elbows and heels is entirely normal and is not a symptom, in any way whatsoever, of scleroderma. Try tending her with a skin exfoliating scrub and any moisturizer throughout the day, and especially right before bed.


If you don't have any skin scrubs on hand, you can just mix a batch of table salt with olive oil (or any other cooking oil) so that it is a nice, mushy consistency -- plus vanilla or almond extract if you have some around, just for a pleasant fragrance. Scrub it gently on the skin, with a little water, let it sit for a minute or so (to soak in the oil) and then rinse off. We make up a big batch of this at once, and use it every day -- especially as a face scrub, and on elbows and feet.


Give her an extra hug, just from me!

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Hello Aunt Turtle,

Welcome to the forum! I'm sorry it's due to a possible diagnosis of scleroderma, but as you'll soon see - this is a great place for support, information and new friends.


In reference to your grand daughter I totally agree with Shelley. Dry heels and elbows sound like a symptom of being 6 years old. :) I've had dry rough skin on my heels and elbows all my life and I'm 53. My diagnosis of sclero was 4.5 years ago. The dryness always gets worse in the summer when I start going barefoot and leaving my arms exposed to the dry air. So please don't worry about your granddaughter. The dry skin sounds perfectly normal.


Please let us know how your appointment goes next week. We're here for you.


Big Hugs,

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Hi Aunt Turtle!


Welcome to the Sclero Forums. I'm really sorry to hear about your impending diagnosis. Please do keep us informed.


You will find a wealth of information, support and friendship here. I look forward to knowing you better!


As far as your grandchild goes, it looks like Shelley answered that perfectly.

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Hi Aunt Turtle!


I'm sorry that you've been diagnosed with sclero. I can understand how worried you must be about your niece.


I agree with the other ladies. My son is almost 6 and is starting with the dry, calloused knees, feet and elbows. I use an oatmeal based lotion after his nighttime bath to help soften the skin. It seems to help.


Healing wishes for you both,



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Hi Trudy,


Oh my goodness, you're not actually human, like the rest of us, are you? :P


I find it is a million times easier to worry about someone else, than about myself. It is lots more comforting to worry from a tiny bit of a distance, don't you think?


I'm just sorry you figured that out, while there is still time left to worry about your own pending diagnosis. The best I can recommend (and I am extremely aware that this sounds trite) is to try to keep as busy as possible with distracting activities, also known as hobbies. But I don't think any of us got through the initial phases without a fair amount of worry, unless we have cohorts made of steel who haven't introduced themselves to us yet.

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