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Skin Tightening in hands

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Hi there Peeps!


Wondered if anyone else gets tightening skin on the hands and wrists?

I have dry skin to begin with, eczema diagnosis aged 5 and had it ever since to varying degrees - treated with hydro-cortisone creams and prednisolone from time to time.

It has been not too bad over the last 2/3 years. BUT I have noticed recently that the skin on my hands and wrist and lower arms too a bit, has become dry to the point my hands are starting to claw and it is difficult to stretch them out. The skin around the knuckles and joints is particularly bad.


And ideas on relief for this?

Bear in mind I am allergic to lanolin so that rules out some stuff.

No pain, no irritation as such, just dry hardening skin limiting movement.


I'm guessing you seasoned professionals will offer more help than general practitioner does.

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Hi Jac,


Well, I'm very fortunate in as much as I have very little skin involvement (merely the tips of my fingers) although my fingers do swell sometimes and my wrists are rather painful.


I've included a link to our medical page on Skin Fibrosis and also a couple of links to hand and finger exercises which I hope you might find beneficial. I also possess a wax bath, which involves putting my hands in a warm wax solution to soften them; I must admit that I couldn't really get on with that procedure and found it rather a performance; however, I think some of our members have used a wax bath with successful results, so it might be worth your trying that to help the tightness and stiffness in your hands. UVA-1 therapy is also a treatment which has had good results on Morphea and Systemic Scleroderma.


I've also included a link to Sclerodactyly which includes one of Amanda's super videos on the subject.


Kind regards,

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Thanks - I think Amanda is at the point of needing an Oscar for her outstanding film performances!  :D

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Hello Jac


Thank you, I am glad the video was useful. I can't add much having reached the point of no return myself! Do moisturise though, if nothing else it will make you feel more comfortable.


I had a wax bath and in the first year used it for my hands and feet about 4 or 5 times a week but suddenly could no longer tolerate the heat, I think this was because of erythromelalgia, but it had no impact of skin tightening.


Take care.

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