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Hello Jess


I wonder if burning pain, especially in my feet, is because of Raynaud's even though I have to mildly with no colour changes. I have a friend who has cried because of a Raynaud's attack being so painful. I need to be more mindful of when it happens, I also get it in my legs but that can't be Raynaud's surely? It's not erythromelalgia either, had that and it brings heat with it as in you could fry an egg from the heat coming off my legs!


So many things happen to us that we might as well blindfold ourselves and pin the tail on any symptom/cause!


Take care.

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On 10/20/2014 at 9:09 AM, paulf said:

Thanks everyone for the responses. I'm still dealing with this issue and in fact it has gotten worse in terms of how my veins look on the backs of my hands. Vascular doctor was no help. I'm now trying to find a rheumatologist. Still not sure if this is an autoimmune issue or something related to my Bartonella.

I am replying to this years later but feel a need to respond.


Paul, I came upon this post on Google when I was researching hand pain and bartonella. Turns out I have been clinically diagnosed as of this month with Lyme disease, Bartonella and Babesia. My Lyme doctor thinks I have had it since a teenager when I had what I thought was a spider bite (30 years ). Very interesting you have had the same pain. Mine continues to this day and right now is worse with Herx on treatment. I also have the sole pain horrible especially in my left heel.


If you see this I am interested to hear how treatment is going.



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