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Hi  Folks,


I had acid relux years before I knew I had Scleroderma  .


So was put on 15mg  of  Lansoprazole  which works wonderfully, but yesterday  I felt something had got stuck,  it does sometimes, I just drink water, don't need a pill as yet.   Then I get Acid reflux.  This morning it was bad so I took double  Lansoprazole and still have reflux.   It is a long time since I have had reflux as long as I take the pill.


Was hoping I don't end up seeing a doctor somewhere as doctors don't know about Scleroderma.


I wonder if I am having a little scleroderma blip



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Hi Chockers,


Sorry to hear that your reflux has worsened.


Thankfully I don't suffer very much with bad reflux; I take another proton pump inhibitor, Omeprazole, which is basically the same as the medication you're taking. I've included a link for you to our medical page on Reflux (Heartburn) Prevention and treatments and if you scroll down the page you'll find Reflux Prevention Forum Discussions which I hope you'll find helpful and informative.


I do hope that your reflux improves very soon.


Kind regards,

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I am suffering terribly today from reflux, the pain has been awful despite 120mgs of esomeprazole and some Ranitidine, triggered from bending over and doing my allotment. Crazy. I really sympathise, it's incredibly uncomfortable, more than that, actually.

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Hi Chockers,

I have limited sclero with interstitial lung disease (ILD).  I've had acid reflux for years. It was my first symptom apart from Raynaud's. Anyway following recent endoscopy check-up my consultant notice that my oesophagus is scarred and so the walls of it and muscles don't move food own promptly as it should. I'm now on domperidone, which really helps.


Maybe you should ask for a check-up with your gastroenterologist and have it checked out?

Hope this is of help.


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