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Hi all.. trying to find a specialist or general practitioner in Perth, Western Australia..

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Hi all.. trying to find a specialist or general practitioner that will help with Scleroderma Symptoms in Perth, Western Australia.. Any recommendations plz :emoticon-dont-know:


Main issues at the moment,
Bad circulation in fingers,
Issue with eating properly.


:thank-you: :emoticons-thankyou:

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Can't use your name because you forgot to sign your post.


Sorry you are having trouble finding someone in Perth to consult.   I live in Auckland so I can't give you first hand help but I hope that Robyn Sims might see your post and reply.    Robyn lives in Melbourne but is active in Scleroderma Australia and knows quite a lot of helpful facts.


Best of Luck


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Hi Jess91,


Welcome to these forums!


I'm sorry to hear that you're suffering with some very unpleasant symptoms, but you have come to the right place to get help and advice.


I've included a link to our page on Scleroderma specialists in Australia, which should be used in conjunction with our Guide to Finding a Scleroderma Expert. Unfortunately there doesn't  seem to be a Scleroderma specialist in Perth, but I've also included a link to the Scleroderma Australia and Scleroderma Victoria websites which I hope you'll find helpful.  We also have a page on Australian Scleroderma Support Groups.


I've also included links to our medical pages on Fatigue, Gastrointestinal Involvement and Vascular Involvement to give you some more information.


Now that you've found our forums and joined our community, I hope that you will continue posting and let us know how you're faring.


Kind regards,

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Hi Jess91,


My name is Jess too, and I also live in Australia, but over the other side, in Queensland. There are a few specialist over here. I have seen them all over time. I don't really know what services are available over in Western Australia, but would be happy to chat with you about any issues you have. I've had scleroderma for a relatively long time now, 10yrs, and I have learned a lot over the years through many experiences. I understand your frustration in needing to find a doctor. My family moved from a small town to a bigger city to be near specialists before I managed to get a diagnosis. Scleroderma specialists are few and far between, but when you find a good one they can in invaluable.


So good luck in your search, but remember you will also gain a wealth of knowledge from here, where there are others who have been in exactly the same situation. Hope to talk to you soon. Jess xx

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