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Achiles Tendon Pain

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Hi, I am Lyn, and I was on the old forum but kind of stopped reading it... sorry. I have a question about something going on in my achiles tendon. It has been stiff and painful for years, and was told it has calcifications in it. It is not the skin, just the tendon. Anyway, just this last week or so I have been hearing sounds like a rubber band snapping and I can feel it like someone actually hit me with the rubber band! It only happens when I am trying to reach for something and go on my tippy-toes. I looked it up and they discribe that in association with the tendon rupturing, but I do not feel a great deal more pain with it. I am scared to do anything more that could cause a rupture. It does ache a lot more for a day or two, but then goes back to it's normal level of pain. Now, has anyone ever heard of this, or had it? by the way, I was diagnosed with sclreoderma in 2001, and no skin involvement, just tendons, gastrointestinal and esophagus, Raynaud's. It is called scleroderma sine scleroderma. Lyn

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I wrote a response to a very similiar post a few weeks ago, have a skim through the old posts. I saw the post mentioning achilles tendon pain and straight thought OH I was right.

My achilles tendon has been feeling very tight and I have put it down to the scleoderma being a connective tissue disease

My ankle has been hurting since December, and the doctors have been ignoring me when I mention it, until two weeks ago and I was sent for an xray. It is not arthritis thank goodness the doctor is not bothering to do any more investigating.

The popping noise sounds dramatic, I would have to get seriously dramatic at my doctor if he ignored that symptom.

I have had treatment with a therapy, which is a form of muscle manipulation and it has greatly reduced the pain. But now my back hurts. HA.


Good luck and best wishes

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Hi Lyn,

I also have been having tight/stiff sore Achilles Tendon pain I wrote a post about this a few weeks ago you might want to look at it.

Mine also started off with a sore ankle which I had x-rayed , it was normal.

My Doctor then did blood tests and showed that I had probably Crest/Limited Scleroderma which has just about been diagnosed by my rheumatologist.

I also had an Ultrasound done last week which showed both my Achilles were identical where they found Focal Fatty Change. I have briefly spoken to one of my Rheums about this and what it means is degenerative achilles tendon which I am hoping that I can get Meds for when I see my rheumatologist. I am not sure at this stage whether Scleroderma has caused this I am just guessing, I will know a lot more in a couple of weeks when I can discuss this properly with my doctor. Hope this helps you with your problem.


Take Care


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