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Hi Jeannie,


I know, for an absolute fact, that I am not the only one around here who breaks into a great big smile whenever I see a post from you. :you-rock:

A barn loom. Huh.  Let me guess.  It used to be all the rage for people to knit their barns, using similar principles to the nearly achieved self-assembled printed robot furniture? 


So really, you can just drop "barn loom" casually into a sentence, as if we all have one -- or two, not to mention three -- just laying around waiting for the farmers to come out of their fields?


I. do. not. care. if this thread is gradually wending off topic of scleroderma. I mean, you never know how many of us with scleroderma might have barn looms laying around.  Maybe even getting rid of them might improve our reflux or Raynaud's.  Who knows? 


Now, my dear Jeannie...will you please explain what these are and why you had such an abundance of them?  If worst comes to absolute worst, we can always move this thread to the Fun and Friendship subforum but in the meantime, while curiousity reigns supreme, it will stay right here so we can all learn a bit about barns. And looms. And looming barns. :emoticon-dont-know:



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Yes, Jeannie, it is good to hear from you, and Shelley, you always make me laugh! I picture a barn loom as one so big you need a barn to keep it in. I am also guilty of an over abundance of art supplies, not to mention stacks of paintings. These "children" of mine I once thought were so precious I couldn't part with them now take up so much space and my current work is so much better it makes them seem like the black sheep of the family (who live in the barn with the looms!) :D


My reading material is also digital these days but my husband worked for a newspaper and LOVES newspapers so we have piles of these until they go out to be recycled. We could open up a kitchen supply company with his cookware and gadgets but they are minor faults I can't complain, especially about the kitchen stuff because I get to enjoy the fruits of his labor. I had stopped reading books because I had trouble holding them so digital books have brought the joy of reading back to me. We still don't like buying digital music so CDs are another space taker upper. 


Why did we decide to manifest so much stuff? 



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Hi Jeannie,


How good it is to hear from you again! :emoticons-yes:


Well, I've heard of a barn owl, a barn dance, barn storming, but never a barn loom?


It sounds most intriguing and the sort of thing no home should be without! ;)


Best wishes,

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Howdy, as we say here in the high and dry! Barn looms. Well, it depends on who you talk to, but most people will tell you that they are called that because they are built out of big (heavy!) timbers like a, um, well, a barn. True, but they were also, in the very old days, built and kept in the barn where the animals made it a pretty warm place. Mine wasn't that big, but she wasn't little either. The 2 that went to the consignment shop were small things. Now, the one I use every day is a big Swedish beauty, 120cm/47in weaving width. Like all of us here, I really need incentive to get moving and keep moving. Weaving is so meditative and man, does it ever work as a range of motion exercise program! It doesn't require a great deal of manual dexterity either. Let's see, that's therapy for stress, PT for dodgy joints, a bit of aerobic exercise, a mental challenge, and something useful in the end. That last is important to me. Between the sclero and, er, maturity, I was starting to feel kind of purposeless. It's nice to be able to be productive again.

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