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How did you simplify?

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Thank you for any input.  :)  I need suggestions.


What changes have you made to simplify?  Hobbies?  Pets?  Housing?  Income?  Cooking?  Cleaning?  Laundry?   Shopping? Bathing/hygiene?


Here are some things I did to simplify my life:


I found an able, knowledgeable person to take my tropical fish breeding hatchery that uses it and very much appreciates it.  He takes great care of the parents and fry.


I gave away my large collection of indoor plants (except 5 of them) to caring homes.  They are not thirsty anymore. :)


I have fewer pets.  Sadly I had three beloved geriatric pets pass on within a few years of each other.  I have not replaced them.  The two we still have are pampered, as they should be.


We purchased a new home after twenty years. It carries a smaller payment more appropriate since I don't earn an income now.  Its definitely not as nice as our old home but dear husband keeps it warm enough for Raynauds. :)  :)   :)

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Hi Kathy,


This is a great topic that you introduced, because I believe that there are two indispensable keys for living the best way possible with chronic illness, the first being to develop and nurture a resilient attitude, and the second to simplify our life in absolutely every way possible. 


The two go hand-in-hand because as you've probably already discovered, it takes a positive, sturdy and flexible attitude to figure out how and what to simplify or change, and then to go about it, despite everything. The reason simplifying is so important is because it maximizes our suddenly very precious energy and prevents it from being wasted on things that do not enhance our lives.  (Or should that be life? Neither one sounds right.)


Illness provides us with a great timeout to rethink our priorities and to develop creative strategies to minimize stress while increasing our happiness and satisfaction.  You don't want to get me going on these ideas, because you know me, I can't stop until the entire book series is finished. So I'm going to just sit back and see what more I can learn on this topic. :emoticons-yes:



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I'm all for this...but I have found to my expense that those I hoped would understand my efforts to simplify my life do not.


Recently my husband and I did not go to the "knees up" after a family occasion, having already planned to take that time and do some much needed shopping. You all know the importance of doing what we can when we can, miss the chance and who knows when it will come round again. Unfortunately some relatives, close ones mores the pity, criticised us for it deciding they knew what I could do and when...of course it was what they wanted, we ignored it and would do exactly the same again.


What I am saying is that in our efforts to simplify we will meet resistance and we have to carry on regardless. No one chooses to have this illness deconstruct their lives and we have enough to manage without having to manage other people's expectations!


As Shelley suggests rethink your priorities, develop creative strategies to minimize stress while increasing happiness and satisfaction...for YOURself and your nearest and dearest...only!


Take care.

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Great topic! The thing we did that helps me the most was to go with bare wooden or tile floors throughout the house. I'm enjoying our 4-legged kids a lot more now. A quick whiz through with a dust mop makes the place look like I have suddenly (after lo these many years) become a good housekeeper. We also tear our shopping list in half - Himself gets the bigger half (and gets to 'drive' his cart), while I get the shorter half and my own cart! Woohoo! We meet at the till and pay out as one. Another one of my favorite tips: instead of asking a store assistant where something is and then setting off hoping he/she really did know where the item was, I state that I am not able to do much walking and could they please get the item for me. You know, most people really are willing to help. Sadly this means I no longer have the inventory of our local hardware store memorized, but that's ok. And lastly, instead of worrying about how long it would take the two of us to eat a pot roast, I now look on it as the start of some fantastic beef and vegetable soup.

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Last week I actually asked my Chauffeur to drive me to a Mall!!!  Then I walked to the shop I wanted, having first checked its location and nearest entrance.   I needed to try on winter trousers, wouldn't dare take them home otherwise.   Having done that successfully I saw a top I liked and was brave enough to say to the assistant that I was too tired to try anything else on but which size did she suggest.


She was marvellous, so kind and helpful I was truly amazed.   Even the Chauffeur was impressed.


Just shows what can happen if we are brave enough to fess up how we feel.



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