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Birth of Baby Antelope

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We are in the midst of remodeling our home and spending most our time in a recreational vehicle (RV) at the end of our yard that faces wildlife land.  Last night I noticed a plump antelope.


The plump antelope could not get comfortable, laying and then walking frequently, but remained in the general area.  We kept an eye on her for a few hours and turned our attention otherwise for a few minutes....


The next glance she had a brand new baby!!


The fawn is quite dark compared to the momma, but has been up and around a few times that I have seen.  Wonderful and fun to witness!



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Oh, how lovely, Kathy!


Lucky you, to be able to see an antelope so closely. Perhaps Mum and Baby will stick around and you'll be able to see the fawn grow.


We do occasionally get deer in the garden, although my neighbour isn't best pleased, as he's a keen gardener and they eat the heads off his roses.


Although we live in quite a rural area, all the roads are very busy and unfortunately a lot of deer come a cropper on the roads, as they seem rather fond of playing Russian roulette with the heavy traffic.  :unsure:  :( 

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How very lucky you are to experience this! I have seen puppies born and baby moose in the wild and I feel it is a great gift when animals trust you enough to come near.


We have whales off our coast right now but you have to be on a boat to see them. The porpoises will be swimming by as soon as the ocean warms up a little. There is park south of us where fox live and they are friendly critters, often out in the road looking for people to feed them (although you shouldn't). We, too, have deer that live by a major highway and get hit by cars.


Now, if I get to see a bald eagle I will be thrilled!



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