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Morphea -localised scleroderma part 2

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This topic supplements the  topic "Morphea - localised scleroderma" .


  • UVA1 phototherapy is currently recommended as the first line treatment for morphea and can even treat long established morphea.


  • It is very common for morphea to occur along with linear scleroderma, since they are both forms of localised scleroderma.


  • It is possible to have non skin manifestations with localised scleroderma but It's important to note that localised scleroderma does not become systemic scleroderma, they are two entirely separate diseases although it it possible to have both.


  • "A 2003 large multinational study found that 25% of people with localised scleroderma had at least one other manifestation, such as osteoarticular, neurological (epilepsy, headache, peripheral neuropathy), ocular, vascular, gastrointestinal (heartburn) respiratory, cardiac or renal. Less that 4% of people with morphea had more than two non skin manifestations and none of the people in the study went on to develop systemic scleroderma."


  • Approximately 2% of people with morphea have anti-centromere (ACA) antibodies, which means that they may be at risk of also developing systemic scleroderma. People with morphea should therefore have annual physical examinations to check for any additional symptoms and also be tested for the anticentromere antibodies (ACA).


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I was diagnosed with morphea last summer. My dermatologist sent me to a rheumatologist who promptly put me on chloroquine. After three days on it I ended up in the emergency room with extreme dizziness, shortness of breath and heart palpitations. I immediately stopped it and went back to the doctor who just gave me cortisone cream and said he would check my labs in three months. Help I’m at loss with this. It’s all over my abdomen and chest.

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Hi Julie,


Welcome to Sclero Forums.


Even with morphea, it can be beneficial to see a listed scleroderma expert, to make sure you are on the best possible treatment plan.  Lately, the first-line treatment for morphea is UVA1 phototherapy. See that and other options at: Morphea Treatments on our main website. 


If side effects of plaquenil are not life-threatening, many times they can be overcome by taking the daily dose at bedtime, which is what enabled me to stay on it for years. But, you may want to see a scleroderma expert, and inquire about additional treatment options. 



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