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Oh what a buzz: swimming with hearing aids in

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Just to entertain the troups, I am volunteering this tattle tale.


A few weeks ago I went swimming -- well, actually, floating -- with my hearing aids in.  Technically only one hearing aid, as I suspect that my other one fell prey to a vicious attack kitty but I can't hold the kangaroo trial for it yet, due to lack of evidence. Oh no wait, kangaroo trials are never held up for a mere lack of evidence, are they?  Anyway, I digress.


It may have been a Freudian slip, or in this case, swim. However, scientific evidence shows that the people most likely to wear hearing aids are ALSO the people most likely to lose them.  Case in point, nobody with perfect hearing has ever, in the history of mankind, lost one. Or two.


Thus, I am trying to remember not to do this again.  My new motto is THINK befORe SWIM.


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I am guilty of swimming with sunglasses on. Last year I lost two pairs of prescription sunglasses in the ocean. I know you have to sacrifice things to King Neptune every once in a while. In the past it was usually an earring, or cheap sunglasses or something small, not TWO pairs of very expensive shades. I was even wearing a strap to hold them on the second time. 


I can't even count how many contact lenses I've lost. I am now being refitted for them. I hope I don't set a new record!


Shelley, we were in a restaurant the other day when we heard the hostess ask if anyone found a hearing aid. 



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Unfortunately, unlike Shelley and Miocean, I'm not a very confident swimmer and very seldom actually go swimming. I don't like being splashed or putting my face under the water (how pathetic is that?  :rolleyes: ) and I'm the only person to come out of the water with my hair bone dry! If I were drowning and had to get from A to B, I can swim a very slow breast stroke, but I don't really like going out of my depth. I've never been swimming with either hearing aids or sunglasses, but I suppose there is a possibility that I could lose my false teeth? The imagination boggles!! :o 


Ironically, when I was much younger, many moons ago, my friend and I learned to water ski in the south of France and the instructor nearly had a fit when he saw what a dreadful swimmer I was; as he didn't want a fatality on his hands he made me wear an inflatable rubber ring and pair of water wings, which isn't a particularly good look when worn with a bikini!!   ;)  :wacko:  :lol:   

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