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A Big Thank You On Behalf Of My Son!

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Just want to say that thanks to this website I have now got my 4 yr old son on the right treatment path for his morphea. If I had listened solely to my general practitioner and the local Paediatrician & Dermatologist, we would still just be applying steroid cream as each new patch appeared!!


After reading your posts and the caregivers stories, I realised that nearly everyone with morphea was seeing a rheumatologist. We have now found a wonderful paediatric rheumatologist who is going to aggressively treat the morphea in the hope of stopping its destructive path. He was very disappointed that it was never suggested to me to see a rheumatologist!! I am happy (and scared) that something is finally being done to try and stop the spreading of these patches on his little face before they do anymore damage.


Thanks to everyone... if I hadn't joined this site and done a bit of my own research, we would still be struggling on with the Diprosone cream!!!


Best wishes to all of you!

Carolynv & little Brayden xxx

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Hi Carolynv ,


I am so glad your son is getting help. I am a Mom with a son diagnosed last fall with sine Scleroderma.....only he is 18 years old. I have learned so much from these folks.


Take care, Everyone.


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