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Volunteers wanted to participate in patient questionnaires for use in clinical trials.

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PharmaQuest Ltd are a medical translation company based in Oxfordshire specialising in patient questionnaires for use in clinical trials. They adapt questionnaires which have been produced in the US for use in the UK, or adapt paper questionnaires into other formats and are currently working on a project to adapt a questionnaire called the GIT to ensure the wording is suitable for native UK English speakers. In order to validate the adaptation, they need to arrange face-to-face interviews with five people who are native speakers of UK English and who have been diagnosed with cutaneous systemic sclerosis with gastrointestinal symptoms. Each interview will take about half an hour and the respondents will receive a paid incentive for their time. They can arrange the time and location of the interviews with respondents on an individual basis, so they do not all need to be in the same place.


During each interview they will ask the respondent to fill in the questionnaire (this is just so they can read through the questions – they won’t actually keep a record of the answers they give) and then explain what they think each question means in their own words. If they have any suggestions for how to improve the questionnaire they will record these and make any necessary changes after the interviews.


If anyone is interested in participating in these interviews, then please PM myself or Amanda Thorpe for further details.


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