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Any Information?

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Hi All


I am (as I can imagine you all are) am on the constant lookout for new ideas and places for treatment. During my research I came across a clinic in switzerland which specialises in autoimmune diseases. I know you have to be very wary of places that claim such things. Has anyone heard of it, or know someone who has been there?


Keeping up hope


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Hi Pamela


The name of the switzerland clinic is the Paracelcus clinic and is located in Lustmuhle. It is headed by a Dr. Rau.




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I just looked it up with Google........ BTW, just a slight difference in the spelling....... Paracelsus Clinic.

I would be VERY wary! The website I looked at says: Dr. Rau teaches naturopathic healing methods, dietary, neural and isopathic therapies.

As far as it is known there have not been any cures for scleroderma with these types of therapies. We prefer to stick with double blind, placebo controlled, clinical trials, which are well monitored, as different to alternative therapies, which are generally not.

You may like to look at the Clinical Trials for Scleroderma page.

There is also an Alternative Treatments page if you are interested in this type of treatment.

If you would like the website of the clinic which I was looking at I can send you the link by PM.

Warm hugs,

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Hi Sherrill


Yes, thats the one, I actually came across its mention on an MS website forum, which had some members with MS being treated there, and made mention of patients with Scl.


But as you mentioned, you don't know who has posted those messages, so yes I need to be very wary. But the scientist in me (I'm a chemist by profession) keeps on looking. If you PM me the link, to be sure we have the same one.



Monika. :D

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