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What's your gain, better by far, since scleroderma?

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"...when I was first diagnosed I did wonder if the quality of my life would ever be the same again. It's not the same, but different and improved in many ways."


The above has been lifted from one of Jo Frowde's posts as she describes life after scleroderma and it made me think, improved how?


For me the biggest improvement is the time spent with my husband, there's so much more of it! Although he works, part time at present, we are together more, we even think of hospital trips as days out! You can tell that pre scleroderma we really lived the high life...not!


So, what's your improvement, gain, preference, better by far since scleroderma?


Take care.

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Hi Amanda and All,


First and foremost, I think I was referring to the fantastic people I've got to know, whom I would never have met, had I not developed Scleroderma. All of them (some of whom have become lovely friends) plus being so involved with ISN, has enriched my life and given my lazy and underused brain a chance to function, instead of stagnating!  :o  As far as the computer was concerned, I was a complete Luddite and thanks to ISN, I've been dragged, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century!!  ;)  After I was first diagnosed, I was sent pages of results from the numerous tests I'd had by my consultants and I had hours of pleasure looking them all up and dissecting every minute detail with the added bonus of managing to bore my long suffering husband and all my friends (mind you, I think I'm probably a bit sad and need to get out more!! ;)  :lol: )  Now working in our Newsroom, I can research the articles about Scleroderma to my heart's content!


Not a day goes by when I don't thank my lucky stars that I received such prompt and effective treatment; although I can't exercise as much and be as active as I was pre-Sclero, I can still do most of the things I want to do and I realise how jolly fortunate I've been compared to some of our members. ^_^


Kind regards,

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