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My wife has just been diagnosed with Scleroderma (Three Weeks Ago - July 2014) and it appears will never be a 'runner' again; has to be careful what food she now eats; and our mountain climbing is tempered by how well she is breathing that day.  It truly breaks my heart and frustrates me to no end - I'm here because I want to learn more; learn how to support and comfort her; learn how to make her comfortable; and, most importantly, learn how we can 'make the best of it' and continue enjoying life to the fullest!


She is a Foodie for sure, currently trying the AutoImmune Diet which advises to cut out all 'nightshade' vegetables - most of which is what she loves eating the most, such as fresh tomatoes, peppers, etc.  She has so far discovered that tomatoes and almonds, of all things, really cause a reaction and increases heartburn / acid reflux big time.  However, many other items seem 'safe' and still allows a great variety of recipe options to play around with.


What we have plenty off, and which we both love is Sockeye Salmon - truly a favourite fish of ours and when grilled on a cedar plank in the BBQ is a food that rivals all food  :woohoo:


I stumbled upon this forum but did not look like any recent posts?  Is the Sclero Kitchen still active? If so, any regular recipe swapping?  The 'little things' really do count and I plan to start a new habit with my wife, I have promised her to discover, cook, AND clean-up a new recipe every week-end.  There is a great recipe on  Foodily.com and we plan to start a Recipe List dedicated to Scleroderma friendly ingredients (if there is even such a thing, as I said - my wife was just recently diagnosed).  If interested in the website just send me a personal message regarding same.


My first official meal planned for this new ritual of ours is a variation of the California Grilled Chicken, Avocado and Mango Salad - I'm replacing the chicken with cedar plank grilled sockeye salmon.


Here's a link to my album on Recipe Ideas.

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Hi Steve,


Thanks so much for posting such a delicious recipe in our Sclero Kitchen; it certainly is still active and we love having new recipes which our members can enjoy.


We do have a page on Diet and Scleroderma and to quote from it "The most important thing to know about diet and scleroderma is that all systemic sclerosis patients should have their nutritional status assessed" and "In general, most doctors recommend that scleroderma patients follow a normal, well-balanced diet , without the addition of any herbs, vitamins, or minerals." We also have a Food Guide for Autoimmune Disease and Illnesses which I hope you and your wife will find helpful and informative.


Kind regards,

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Thanks for the links, Jo, very much appreciated. The Rheumatologist basically gave Jennifer Pantoprazole (Pantaloc) and said eat a balanced, healthy diet and do not lose any more weight - as she had lost about eight pounds due to acid indigestion.  However, Jennifer has found certain foods really impact her, and appear to promote joint inflammation - these include almonds, tomatoes, peanuts, cashews, cheese / dairy products but THANKFULLY for her, she is still able to enjoy wine and chocolate - her two essential food ingredients :yes:  

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This past weekend I tried the California Plank Salmon, Avocado and Mango Salad - it was very tasty but the following night I varied the dish and had Plank Salmon with Sticky Chili Balsamic glaze over a baby spring salad mix with pomegranate dressing topped with avocado, strawberries, blueberries, red onion and black olives --- and THAT was truly delicious.


Jennifer has not had pasta for a while, and wants to give it a try - so plan to make a grilled scallop and mushroom fettuccine this weekend with blueberry mead instead of wine ...  a delightful treat.


Ah, it's truly those 'little things' in life that can still bring us joy ... thanks goodness for that  :emoticons-group-hug:

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