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Looking for Long Lost Sclero Description

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Hello Friends,

Many years ago I posted the best, brief yet comprehensive layman's description of diffuse scleroderma that I have ever read. It was just a few paragraphs long, easy to read and understand and included every symptom we suffer with. It was great for sharing with friends and family and I remember it getting raves and people printing it to share.  I cannot find it now and I need to share with someone.  I could probably write my own but this one was special.  If anyone remembers or has the time to help me search for it I would give you a huge cyber hug!



Take care,



Serena Justis

ISN Blogger

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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Hi Barefut,


I can't help, except to commiserate with you about its loss.   I am absolutely hopeless at finding anything on the net, I think it might have somethingto do with the way I ask a question.    Even when I look up a phone number the system tells me it can't find one.   Tested it by asking for our own phone number, I know we have one, the phone rings every now and then! but I was told there was no listing for us :emoticon-dont-know: .


Hope you find it because it sounds like something others might want to share.   Very early on my brother told me where to find a comprehensive description on the EMedicine site, which I copied and later gave to a hospital Nurse who was interested, thinking I could copy it again.   But OH No! it was gone, superseded by something not nearly as comprehensive.


Good luch in your search, hope someone can help you.



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