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I'm getting lots of hugs and cuddles and he is beginning to smile (not the windy ones) and is growing fast. Needless to say we keep taking lots of pictures of him, after all its so easy now with digital cameras.



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Don't forget to take videos with your phone! We had our grandchildren and their parents this week and took videos, in one Dad takes both children up the stairs on my stairlift. Ok so maybe just take ones in which the child is being cute and adorable! The videos are a real laugh to enjoy once everyone has long since gone home and you'r lying, exhausted in bed!


Take care.

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That is such a good idea! I do take pics of him with my phone but have not taken any video clips so will give that a go.


He is now 7 weeks old and is smiling which is lovely to see when his eyes light up with delight when you smile at him.



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