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Question about tendon friction rubs

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I have two tendon friction rubs on my index and middle finger knuckles.  Is there any way to reduce the severity of these?  Does anyone else have them?  I read on another message board that massaging them might help.  Any suggestions?  

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I had really bad tendon friction rubs on my ankles and wrists. I felt like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz...you could actually hear them. My physical therapist used a cold laser on them. That along with gentle exercise helped a lot. I also get weekly massages. I don't have the tendon friction rubs anymore, but it took years for them to go away.


I'm trying to remember if they went away around the same time my skin began to soften. Is your skin hard?



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I actually do not have any hard skin, however, my index and pointer fingers on both hands developed fibrosis UNDER the skin. The actual finger itself is getting hard, developed sclerodactyly and is unable to be pinched and lost a lot of its ability to be bent.  They also lost some of their pigment and the knuckles of those two fingers that got that way are the only places that have the tendon friction rubs.  They are right on the knuckle and feel like a very tight rubber band being stretched.  


I see you're from NJ.  Can I ask where from?  I live in Edison and am going to see Dr. Vivian Hsu next week the sclero specialist at Robert Wood Johnson in New Brunswick.  Hopefully she will be able to give me some more insight and address some of these problems.  

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Hi Greypilgrim,


We do have some information on Tendon Friction Rubs (TFRs) and whereas I don't want to be alarmist in any way, TFR's can be a marker for serious organ involvement in Diffuse Scleroderma, so you should point them out when you have your appointment next week with your Scleroderma specialist.


Kind regards,

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