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Very confused about possible screening

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Hi! I'm new here and completely oblivious to all things pertaining to scleroderma aside from what I've read on doctor google(bad place to go for info)

I recently had an ANA due to having back to back miscarriages, 17 weeks, 5 weeks and 11 weeks, and the next day the nurse called me and said my test came back positive with titers for scleroderma. She made sure to say this is just a screen not a diagnoses but then I read online an ANA isn't a specific test. I went to a followup appt with another doctor today because I have basically been crying nonstop since last night and feel like with everything my world is coming crumbling down. I have three healthy kids and this last year has emotionally and physically drained me to no end. I have no signs or symptoms for scleroderma. We actually ran the test to try and diagnose a blood clotting disorder that we thought may be the culprit. Then when this came back it was like an entirely different anxiety and fear hit me. I've gone through a lot this year but I feel like this is just the icing on the cake.


So I guess my question is...my doctor ran this lab work 3 weeks post d&c the same time they ran a quantitive blood draw for HCG. My levels came back at 262.7. I know that an ANA is a sensitive test and could be affected by irregular hormones circling my body along with medications. I don't generally take any medications but the last 3 weeks I've taken iv meds, cytotec, pain meds, been put under for my surgery, been on antibiotics etc. As for symptoms, I've looked them up and literally have none. No joint pain, rashes, finger or toe problems. I'm actually very healthy aside from the one cold I've had this year just a few days after my miscarriage. I'm so lost and a mess...any insight?

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Hi Hlg03,


Welcome to these forums, you have done the right thing coming here for reliable information.


Along with many folks we have talked to, you are one who has shown a positive ANA but have no symptoms.   This not an unusual happening and I (not being a doctor and not even having a first aid certificate) would be inclined to say to you, forget about Scleroderma.   Symptoms are the most important in diagnosing this disorder and we even have members who have obvious and serious symptoms and negative ANA.


Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and concentrate on being the best Mom you know how to be for your children.


Hugs and best wishes,

:emoticon-hug: :emoticon-hug: :emoticon-hug:



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I second Judy. I have a friend who had a positive ANA test a couple of years ago but no symptoms of any autoimmune disease. She is healthy and perfectly fine now and her ANA is in the normal range.


You've had a rough year, having those miscarriages must be draining emotionally and physically. Think positively and give yourself time to heal. 



ISN Artist

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Thank you Judy. It's been a long, emotional day. I've talked to family, who in fact have had positive ANA screenings for Lupus, gone on to see a rheumotologist and found to have no auto immune disorders. I of course had 1:80 positive titers for nucleolar patterns which isn't the same as a positive lupus pattern(speckled etc...) but it's made me ask the question if our families chronic hypothyroidism is to blame for these positive tests with no diagnoses in the end. Soooo at the end of the day, my doctor ran a full screen on me, will know in a week or so the answer, and until then we wait. I talked to a nurse in the rheumotologists office and she told me with my positive ANA 1:80 they wouldn't even see me until I had more definite testing because it would basically be a waste of my time. And in no way would they see me while I still have a positive HCG reading because even being on birth control can affect an ANA result and considering my HCG was at 262.7 the day of the test...she's hopeful it's a false positive. I'm hoping and praying. I have a wonderful husband and 3 amazing kids that I want to be 100% for and this possible positive titer has really taken a toll on me emotionally, especially with the added stress of reoccurent miscarriages.

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Hi Hig03,


Welcome to these forums!


Unfortunately, it's human nature to scour Google and the internet for medical advice and equally easy to scare yourself witless (been there, done that! ;))  I can understand how upsetting it is to have worrying blood test results; but I would agree with Judy's and Miocean's advice, as it is perfectly possible to have positive blood test results and yet never go on to develop the full blown disease and vice versa, as many of our members can testify. The worst thing of all is the uncertainty, whilst waiting for the results.


I've included a link to our medical page on Autoantibodies to give you some more information and I'm hoping that you will find that your fears about having Scleroderma will be unfounded.


Kind regards,

Jo Frowde

ISN Assistant Webmaster

SD World Webmaster

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International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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Thanks everyone. I'm trying so hard to remain calm and rational. I want so badly to be healthy and move on from these miscarriages and this difficult year and I feel like this ANA has just prolonged my grief and fear. Ive researched to no end and my husbands begged me to quit. It's so heart wrenching to not have any solid answers

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