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Methotrexate dose and effectiveness

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Hello all, and Happy Thanksgiving.  I'm currently up to my 5th week of Methotrexate and it seems to be going well.  I am only on 7.5mg a week, which my understanding is a very low dose. 


Has anyone been on a similar dose?  Was it effective? 


I am currently weaning my Prednisone down and am worried about the terrible joint and muscle pain coming back as I wait for the MTX to start working, which I understand can take 3-6 months. 




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Hi Greypilgrim,


I'm very pleased to hear that the Methotrexate is going well; I understand that it can take a while for the medication to work and for any side effects to settle down. It is possible that you may experience more joint pain as you wean down the Prednisolone; however, as you're no doubt aware it should be done very gradually and so hopefully by the time you've got down to a low dose or been able to come off it altogether, the MTX should have kicked in.


If you can reduce the Prednisolone, I think it would be beneficial: unfortunately, I'm now experiencing another delightful little side effect of the steroids in as much as I have developed Avascular Necrosis in my hip joints necessitating bilateral hip replacements. That's curtailed my activity somewhat!!  ;) :o


Kind regards,

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Hello GreyPilgrim


I was on methotrexate for about 10 months and just tried it again recently for a month. First time round it made me nauseous for a few days after the dose for a few weeks then no problems until month 10. As with mycophenolate I had few problems with immunosuppressants but the hit intolerable ones. This time it wiped me out immediately so that I was just asleep! I was trying it as a last ditch attempt to heal my foot ulcers, it didn't and as as agreed by my husband I stopped taking it again.


Many people take it without incident and you could be one, let us know how it goes.


Take care.

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