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Hello everyone,


I have felt strange for a number of weeks, visual disturbances, unusual headaches, weird tingling of the scalp and tightness on the forehead. About a week ago at work someone commented on a pit which had appeared in the top centre of my forehead just under the hairline and had I 'knocked it'. I didn't know what they were talking about. I did know I had suffered about 2 weeks of a band of tightness in my forehead commensurate with a pressure sort of feeling. I went straight to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and there was indeed a dent, a quite pronounced dent. I don't recall hitting it or hurting myself in any way.


Anyhow, I was also suffering with dizziness and a kind of disorientation so I left work and went to see my doctor who told me the dent was caused by stress, gave me Diazepam to take and said the dent would fade away within a few hours. The next day it had got longer and was deeper. I saw another doctor and this was met with resistance because he said the skull fuses when a child and I only have bands of muscle where the dent is forming though he agreed (to put my mind at ease) on a series of blood tests and an urgent CT scan which I will have in the first week of January. 6 days have now passed and the dent is even deeper and stretches a full inch and a half diagonally down my forehead. 


Oddly I am also noticed a similar indentation just above my eyebrow which appears to be moving upwards in alignment with the curved indentation coming down and more scarily having looked at old photographs of myself, the indent at the eyebrow and heading up has been there for years though not as pronounced. The dent coming down however is new. I suffer with alopecia areata and have done for several years, my hair never having fallen out, it's just got thinner and brittler and I also get tingling before a new patch of 'baldness' occurs. I wonder if the two are connected? I am a serial worrier and angsty to the nth degree hence my username. I have never known how to 'shut off' I am always wired and thinking.


I have looked online and every Google search for sudden forehead indentation leads me to Sclero boards and websites so I'm thinking this is what I have however with my doctor's resistance to acknowledge something which is a long shot and this thing which is raging down my forehead at a rate of knots, I am frightened, Very frightened. Will this thing show up in either blood work or a CT scan? I want to get a diagnosis and hopefully stop the rate at which it is travelling because I have read of what it can do. Is there anything I can do in the meantime to slow it? Would meditation help? Thanks for listening.





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Hi Boomerangst,


Welcome to these forums!


I'm sorry to hear that you've been experiencing worrying symptoms and I understand how anxious you must be feeling.


However, it's quite possible that the symptoms from which you're suffering may have nothing to do with Scleroderma, so therefore it would be advisable for you to wait until the results of your blood tests and CT scan are known. Even if the blood tests are positive, it still may not necessarily mean that you have Scleroderma; I'm afraid this complex disease is notoriously difficult to diagnose correctly, not least because it appears in so many different forms. To give you some more information, I've included a link to our medical pages on Linear Scleroderma and Alopecia; it's possible there could be a connection as Alopecia areata is an autoimmune skin disease, which is caused by genetics, but again it could be totally unrelated. I'm afraid that, apart from a now out of date first aid certificate and a fondness for telling my doctors how to do their job, I have no medical training, so I'm unable to advise you as to whether you do have Scleroderma. Even with the worst scenario in which you are finally diagnosed with it, it's by no means the end of life as you know it; I have systemic Scleroderma and still have a good and fulfilling time. However, one thing I am sure of is that worry and stress exacerbate autoimmune diseases and unfortunately do not help the situation at all (easy to say, I know; been there, done that! ;) )


We do have medical pages on MeditationReducing Stress and Alternative Therapies which I hope you'll find interesting.


Please do keep posting and let us know how you get on with your blood test and CT scan.


Kind regards,

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Hello Boomerangst


Welcome and although I am not medically trained I feel sure that stress does not cause dents in the skin, it might make a disease worse, it might cause hair loss but dents in the skin? Permanent dents? 


I don't know what you have nor can I say for sure but I wonder if you have en coup de sabre, a type of linear scleroderma, Have you thought about getting referred to the Royal Free because they are scleroderma specialists and even if they say you do not have scleroderma at least you'll know.


Take care and keep posting.

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En coup de sabre is springing to mind when you all talk about dents in your foreheads.  It may be worth at least giving some consideration to this.


I would say that it seems unlikely that such dents are stress related and prescribing diazipam for them is flabbergasting.

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