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Mostly good news from my sclero doctor today.

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I got a call from my sclero doctor today, all my blood tests were negative. No Hepatitis B or C.


Lupus test was also negative, although my CT scan of my lungs was not so good. I have nodes in my lungs an they are not certain what they are but I do not seem to have any bad lung disease. The nodes are common in scleroderma.


I also do not have the emphysema that the doctor in another town told me I have. He misread the CT but of course that happens in small towns and that is why I go to the city to see the specialist.

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Hi Quiltfairy,


I'm so pleased to hear that you have tested negative for Hepatitis B and C and also that you don't have emphysema; it must be a relief for you to know that there is no problem with that, at least. :)


I've found that with Scleroderma I can feel happy just to be grateful for what I don't have, rather than worrying about what I do have!!


This bizarre disease can twist and turn, which is what makes it so difficult to diagnose correctly.


Kind regards,

Jo Frowde

ISN Assistant Webmaster

SD World Webmaster

ISN Sclero Forums Manager

ISN News Manager

ISN Hotline Support Specialist

ISN Chat Host

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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Yes I can definitely agree with you .


I almost forgot my neck surgery has been rescheduled  for March 23rd; I will be glad to have that out of the way if no other emergencies happen with the family.

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Hi Quiltfairy,


I think we should throw a Sclero Happy Dance for you not having emphysema or hepatitis,, after all!  What an absolute delight, and I am sure it is a huge relief to you, too.



Unfortunately, when we are sick we have to have so many tests, and often get inaccurate or conflicting diagnoses. Just the spectre of having a test can hatch a whole slew of worry bugs. But what a delightful thing it is, isn't it, to have some things properly ruled out, and others properly diagnosed? 


I hope your neck surgery goes on without a hitch, this time!



Warm Hugs,


Shelley Ensz

Founder and President

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

Hotline and Donations: 1-800-564-7099


The most important thing in the world to know about scleroderma is sclero.org.

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