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Gene Responsible For Autoimmune

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Hi all,

Read that link about scientists identifying a gene responsible for several autoimmune diseases. I actually e-mailed the lead doctor listed in the study, from univ. colorodo. He was kind enough to write back to tell me they don't study sclero so he can't speak to the application of their research to sclero disease. The hope is that they will be able to design a drug that turns the gene off that causes the autoimmune response. This would be a cure, I think. This is my understanding of it anyway, and since I have absolutely no medical trainning I might be in left field. can anyone shed any light on this potentially hopeful new research. Thanks, Joe

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Guest Sherrill

Hi Joe,

Well I have no medical training either, and the subject of genetics in autoimmune disease is a very complex one!

However, this website has a large page devoted to the Causes of Scleroderma: Genetics.

Have a read of this page, and follow up the links to the various items, as I'm sure you will find it all very interesting!

Warm hugs,

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