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I have found that most of my friends are okay with the fact that I have scleroderma, but some of them want to also be sick. I just don't understand it.


I had a friend call me today and the first thing out of his mouth was, "I have an autoimmune disease also." I asked him if his doctor diagnosed it.


He said, "No, but I have hypothyroidism and a website said it was Hashimoto's disease."


I got on my computer and found that there are quite a few things that can cause hypothyroidism and I suggested he see his doctor, if nothing else to relieve his mind.


I also asked if he read the symptoms that would lead his doctor to do the test for it. He once again stated he had not .I then read off the symptoms to him one at a time, only I got on the Mayo Clinic website, which goes into depth on a disease, so there is no question he had none of the symptoms.


I have found I don't trust many sites for illness. Some can scare a person really bad.


I stand by this: If a person thinks or believes they have an illness, they need to see their doctor, if nothing else just to ease their mind. If I believed all that I had found on the computer about scleroderma, I would be dead by now. Thank goodness that I found this site, and that I am very much alive.

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Hi Quiltfairy,

Lots of things are good about the information on the internet, but unfortunately lots of things are also bad!! :wink:


I think most of us are guilty of googling our symptoms and then convincing ourselves we do have something more dire than we actually do.....step forward Yours Truly!!  :nervous:  You're absolutely right about consulting your doctor if you suspect there may be a problem; also a lot of health problems can be dealt with more successfully if treated early.

There's an interesting thread on Cyberchondria which I think you'll find most illuminating!

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Quiltfairy, if I commented on the fact that some people we know, who are perfectly healthy, also want a disease I would have to ban myself from the forums. Forever!


I would also have to join you among the throng of the "walking dead" if I succumbed to outcomes predicted by other website. When diagnosed with myocardial fibrosis I checked out an established site and one not so, the first outlined treatments and possible outcomes, the second outlined IT'S TERMINAL! Gimme a break.


Cyberchondria? Is it contagious? 


Take care.

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