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Now I'm positive?! ANA but not SCL-70?

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Hello All


I just found out that according to my last blood test in September 2014, my ANA showed as positive for the first ever BUT my SCL-70 remains negative. According to my rheumatologist this means that my antibody is positive but unspecified. I have now had another blood test and await the results as I guess the September test result could be false positive although the same hospital has conducted all of my ANA testing.


I just had to let you know because this question about antibodies and scleroderma comes up frequently here on the forum, especially in relation to diagnosis. My stock reply has always included the statement that my ANA and SCL-70 are negative. Not now!


Take care. 

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Hi Amanda,


It just goes to show that you can't take anything for granted with Scleroderma; it just does love to keep us guessing and doesn't allow for us to feel in the least complacent!! :wink:


Best wishes,

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