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Does anyone know why a rheumatologist won't write prescriptions for oxygen? Mine won't write them for anyone, not just me, and he is the dr. that has me on the oxygen in the first place and the Dr. that reads my PFTs. He told me I would be on it long term (forever) but I have to go through my pulmonologist (whom he works closely with) or primary care physician for the prescription. My curiosity is piqued because I've been dealing with this silly RX for over a month now.

There must be some liability issue that I am unaware of.



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Yes, I'll ask the DR. at my appt. in a few weeks. I just spoke to the nurse and she didn't get into it with me, just told me he did not write them, and I already felt like a nuisance since it's not the first time I've called about this subject.


I just thought someone on the forum would have a quick answer.


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It does not make sense to me, but most of the people that I know that ARE on 02 see a pulmonologist. It's their specialty. Just because the rheumatologist may know you should be on the 02 he may not feel qualified to regulate it and perform all of the testings required....just a thought.

Your Friend,


Gi Gi

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Hi Jen!


Yeah! I am so glad you finally got the RX....but I still think it is bizarre that the doctor who prescribed it (your rheumatologist) wouldn't actually write the script for it. I will be curious to know what he tells you when you next see him and ask why he can't write the script.


Warm wishes,


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