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Guest Sherrill

The Role Of Anti-endothelial Cell Antibody-mediated Microvascular Injury In The Evolution Of Pulmonary Fibrosis In Collagen Vascular Disease

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The role of anti-endothelial cell antibody-mediated microvascular injury in the evolution of pulmonary fibrosis in the setting of collagen vascular disease. Pulmonary fibrosis, a recognized complication of systemic connective tissue disease, develops in connective tissue disease syndromes with pathogenetically established immune-based microvascular injury at other sites. A similar mechanism of antibody-mediated endothelial cell injury may be the basis of the tissue injury and fibrosing reparative response. PubMed. Am J Clin Pathol. 2007 Feb;127(2):237-47. (Also see: Pulmonary Fibrosis)

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