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My rheumatologist has booked me an appointment for some weird test where I go to the hospital one day and they put a tube in my esophagus then I have to go back the next day for them to remove it.


I gather that this is something to do with measuring reflux, but I've never come across this before.


Does anyone know what this is about? Has anyone had a test like this? How am I going to feel spending 24 hours back home with this tube stuck inside me? I can't believe they are going to do something like this as an outpatient.

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Hi Dimarzio,


I've never heard of this exact test, although my husband has a hiatus hernia and suffers with reflux. He had an endoscopy, but it was done in one appointment and he didn't have to leave the hospital with anything more than a cup of tea in his stomach! :wink:


Please let us know how you get on with this procedure.


Kind regards,

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