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Hi Sharonjean,


We have lots of information about Creating a Forum Avatar  in our Welcome: Guidelines and FAQs Forum, which also includes our guidelines and other handy tips to help you enjoy the Forums.


To navigate from one forum to another, just go to our Main Forums Portal, and click on the Forum you wish to view. We have a search engine on the top right hand side of the page, which will enable you to search the Forums, or if you click on the "Search Bar" at the top of the page, that will enable you to search our medical and support pages.


If you are having a problem uploading an avatar, then please do let me know and I can upload your avatar picture for you.


Kind regards,

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I don't think anyone understands unless they have this. With that being said my life is filled with family and friends who are supportive. I love them for that. But it is easier talking here with people who know my pain and understands with out a detailed explanation. I hate we all have to go through this but I'm glad we can talk to each other.

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